Laurence Patenaude

Photo collaborations with 

Cody Briggs @codeu

Alejandro Chavarria @a.c._media

Stephanie Varasteh @stephvarasteh 

Thanks to each of you for allowing to get more familiar with being in front of the camera. 

Exploring my zones of (dis)comfort has been a huge yet gentle personal revolution.

Each shooting went through its own process of unfolding and revealing. 

To slowly step in a space where we speak

the infinite langage of bodies, rocks, trees, water..

Mon feu intérieur

qui m'appelle. me guide. me perd. 

Vaguer la vie

Ses vagues, ses accumulations

Un être fragile. 

léger. pure. 

Un environnement à découvrir. 

Me sentir à ma place 


Je chasse l'inconfort en jouant avec lui

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