-many different functions, forms, or facets

An exploration and reflection on identity through an immersive installation.
Vibrant, colourful shapes will react to a movement-based artist, expressing identity changing over time.


Put ourselves in a situation where we shift perspectives
Explore our sense of collective and personal identity

We enter the space and allow ourselves to feel

We come together to build an experience for self-discovery and connection

We explore a diversity of visions 


1- Guided meditation : Reflective and playful promts will welcome you into the experience

2- Performance : You will then get the opportunity to be an immersed ''observant''

•    •    •

A collaboration between: 

Laurence Patenaude

Creative and curious being



With years of practice mainly as a visual artist, she recently decided to expand her work by incorporating dance. She is interested in exploring the wisdom of the body and the natural world.

Tim Rolls

Artist, Designer and Creative Coder


Tim strives to use technology for new forms of creative expression and accessibility, while creating novel and memorable experiences.

Matt Hanns Schroeter

Multimedia artist



His illustrations and installations live in a world rich with playful shapes and bright colours. He enjoys working with his community to allow for visions to form and growth.

Jacob Schaffer
Music & Sound Artist

Jacob creates Sound Bath Meditation experiences through improvisation and modern music production. Also, a songwriter and multi-media artist.

Thanks to 

everyone that participated, 

SPACE for hosting and supporting our project
Carlos M. Bonmati for the beautiful photos !

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