One-Day Silent Retreat 

Meditation, Yoga & Art



September 15th 2018 

August 19th 2018

July 15th 2018

Peaceful silence.

Let us cultivate

We come together to 

Listen. Feel. See more clearly 

Dive in

This day is a gift for yourself to experience the benefits of silence and healing arts (yoga, meditation, creative expression).

We enter quietness by slowing down and moving away from the usual distractions.
We attune ourselves to our body, our breath and the natural world.
We recharge and look within.
We build a community around our interest for inner exploration and self-care


Awareness of the breath and bodily sensations


Breathing exercices to bring focus and clarity

Hatha Yoga

Practice to find balance and unity  

Creative Expression

Playful way to connect to intuition 


slow down
give ourselves the tools to reduce stress
promote wellness and compassion in our daily lives

This retreat is suitable for beginners as well as those with previous meditation experience.

By participating you consent to respect the quietness and refrain from engaging in all forms of communication with others throughout the day (put your phone away).
You also agree to follow the schedule which allows periods for shorts breaks and lunch. 

Please bring your yoga mat and meditation cushion/blanket.  Recommend wearing comfortable clothing. 

Delicious plant-based meal & art supplies included.

Pandora Home ॐ

A place to BE. 

A space for awareness and compassion to grow.

The private venue is located in a peaceful neighbourhood in East vancouver. You will received the exact location upon confirmation of your registration. 

Space Holder

Luna (Laurence)

artist /creatress - yoga teacher - meditation guide

She loves guiding students through their yoga and meditation practice with gentleness, a touch a creativity and the precious experience/training she has gained over the years. She taps into her intuition to create, share and serve community. She is on a mission to bring people into playful introspection as well as connect with the natural world.


Click here for tickets 

Only a limited number of spots are available.

I am offering a sliding scale, 60-90$, in order to keep this event accessible and open for everyone.

The fees are covering the cost for the space, the preparation of the meal, the future events as well as my time as the facilitator.

Ask yourself wha contribution is the most suited for you. Please contact me if you wish to participate but can't afford the cost. There will be one karma position available.

Cancellation policy

When you receive your confirmation, a limited and valued spot is reserved. We will refund 50% of the ticket price up to 7 days prior to the retreat.

You can transfer your ticket to someone else if you wish. In that case, please message the organizer to update the registration information. Thanks!

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