Laurence Patenaude


I started practicing yoga as a teenager, it allowed me to feel more relaxed and develop a deeper relationship with myself. 

Later on, I took a series of classes with a wonderful teacher from the Sivananda tradition. I joined her retreat in Jamaica where I experienced the integration of yoga as a lifestyle (not just on the mat). 

In 2016, I received a scholarship from Sivananda Ashram in Val-Morin which enabled me to complete a 200-hour teacher training. I had the intention of simply learning for myself. However, I discovered a love for teaching during our practicums. 

Since then, I've had the chance to teach various classes in Montreal and Vancouver. I view art and yoga as complementary practices with great therapeutic potentials.


After a busy summer last year, I found myself craving for a different type of expression. Something intimate yet powerful. A way to break out of my own limitations and comfort zone. 

I knew it was time to further the embodiment of my work. I gathered all my courage and finally joined dance classes. 

Mouvement exploration has now opened up a new exciting path for me. 

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