an evening to come together, celebrate our aliveness and eat fruits

We are fruits of the earth. 
Alive with breath and movements. 
To each different textures, flavors, colors. 
We all belong. 

◆    ◆    ◆


This event will serve as the launching of an (exciting & juicy) mixed media project by 

Adriana & Luna

More details coming soon...

As Luna is moving and setting off to a new adventure, she wishes to gather the amazing people she met through the past year and half spent in Vancouver. She is beyond grateful for you all!

She will be selling the art pieces that (sadly) don't fit in her luggage.
Each artwork is very close to her heart.
They feel like plants, she cultivated them within for years. Once they take their physical form, they bloom. 
She would be honored if you decide to offer them a new home and enjoy their unique fragrance. 

You are welcome to join at any point during the evening, 
Bring a fruit if you'd like 
We look forward to sharing moments with you!


SPACE, 552 clark drive

March 9th 2019


THANKS to everyone for such a magical evening!

Music performance by : 

Soi Fruta


We had been talking about collaborating for a while. When we finally got together a few months ago, we allowed our creativity and conversations to guide us. 

Our project grew in a natural and playful way. 

We are now working on building an online journal to unite PEOPLE & FRUITS. 

More details here 

A collaboration between : 



Recommended reading related to Soi Fruta Journal 

Fruitflesh by Gayle Brandeis

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