A moment of flow

One-on-one session

30 min or 1 hour




We meet to share a moment of creativity and openness.

Includes : Tea/fruit, short guided meditation, open discussion & creative expression

You will receive a drawing/painting created intuitively as the session unfolds.

The piece can be revealing of one’s energy and lead to self-discovery.

For the hour session, you will also be invited to explore your own creative energy.

The intent of each session is to welcome the FLOW, be present and playfully respond to the moment.

If this resonates with you, let’s meet!

To launch, I am offering the sessions by donation :) Contributions will go towards the continuation of my creative projects. 

SPACE - 552 Clark Drive, Vancouver

Previous Sessions 

*content shared upon participants consent

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with O5 TEA Bar 

Intuitive tea portrait 

painted on hand-made recycled papers

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments

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